Colombian International Luis Diaz’s Emotional Plea for the Release of His Kidnapped Father After Scoring for Liverpool

Colombian International Luis Diaz's Emotional Plea for the Release of His Kidnapped Father After Scoring for Liverpool

In the world of sports, there are moments that transcend the boundaries of the game itself, transcending the emotions of the players, fans, and even the most casual observers. One such moment occurred on a Friday night when Colombian international and Liverpool FC forward, Luis Diaz, found himself at the center of a heart-wrenching and emotional plea. After scoring a goal for Liverpool in a high-stakes match, Colombian International Luis Diaz’s used his newfound platform to make a passionate appeal to the Guerilla group that had kidnapped his father, Luis Manuel Diaz.

The story of Luis Diaz is not just one of a talented footballer making headlines on the pitch, but it is also a story of personal tragedy, resilience, and the power of sports to bring forth meaningful change. In this article, we will delve into the details of this remarkable moment, exploring the background of Luis Diaz, the heartbreaking situation with his kidnapped father, and the plea that resonated with people around the world.

The Rise of Luis Diaz

Colombian International Luis Diaz's

Luis Diaz’s journey from a humble beginning in the coastal city of Barranquilla, Colombia, to becoming a star for Liverpool FC is nothing short of remarkable. Born on January 13, 1997, Diaz’s passion for football was evident from an early age. He started playing street football with his friends and joined local youth teams to pursue his dreams of becoming a professional footballer.

Diaz’s natural talent did not go unnoticed. He quickly gained a reputation as a promising winger with incredible pace, dribbling skills, and an eye for goal. In 2016, he made his professional debut for Barranquilla-based club Junior, and his career began to take off from there.

In January 2021, Diaz moved to Europe, signing with Portuguese giants FC Porto. His performances in the Primeira Liga soon caught the attention of Premier League scouts, leading to a transfer to Liverpool FC in the winter of 2022. At Liverpool, Diaz continued to impress, quickly becoming a fan favorite with his electrifying performances and crucial goals.

The Tragic Kidnapping of Luis Diaz’s Father

Colombian International Luis Diaz's

While Luis Diaz was experiencing the highs of his football career in Europe, his family back in Colombia faced an unimaginable tragedy. In May 2022, his father, Luis Manuel Diaz, was kidnapped by a Guerilla group operating in Colombia. The incident sent shockwaves through the Diaz family and the footballing world, and it was a stark reminder of the complex and often perilous reality that many Colombians face.

The plight of Luis Manuel Diaz and his family gained international attention, with many calling for his release and a peaceful resolution to the situation. As the months went by, it became clear that the Guerilla group was not willing to release their captive without some form of negotiation.

Diaz’s Brave Decision to Speak Out

Colombian International Luis Diaz's

On the evening of Friday, November 3, 2023, Liverpool FC was facing a critical match against one of their top rivals. Diaz, who had already been performing exceptionally well for the team, found himself in the spotlight once again. In the 75th minute of the match, he scored a brilliant goal that shifted the momentum of the game in Liverpool’s favor.

After the game, as reporters gathered around him for the customary post-match interviews, Diaz took a brave and unprecedented step. He used the opportunity to send a heartfelt message to the Guerilla group that held his father captive, pleading for his release. His emotional words echoed around the world, and for the first time, the tragedy faced by his family took center stage.

“I want to make a plea to the people who have my father,” Diaz began, his voice filled with a mix of determination and vulnerability. “I scored today, and it’s a moment of happiness for me, but I can’t truly be happy until my father is safe and back with our family. I love him, and I miss him every day. Please, I beg you, release my father. He’s not involved in any of this, and he doesn’t deserve to suffer.”

The Power of Diaz’s Plea

Luis Diaz’s plea was not just a spontaneous emotional outburst. It was a well-thought-out decision to leverage his platform and use his influence to bring attention to the situation. The power of his words lay in their sincerity and raw emotion. His plea resonated with people across the globe, and it transcended the world of football.

In a world often divided by politics, culture, and language, sports have a unique ability to unite people. Diaz’s heartfelt appeal cut through those divisions and highlighted the common thread of empathy and compassion that connects humanity. The kidnapping of his father became a universal issue, and the call for his release was heard far and wide.

International Response

Luis Diaz’s plea for his father’s release sparked an international response. Leaders, celebrities, and people from all walks of life expressed their support for the footballer and his family. Messages of solidarity poured in from fellow football players, Liverpool fans, and sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Colombian President, Ivan Duque, issued a statement calling for the safe release of Luis Manuel Diaz and reaffirmed the government’s commitment to resolving the situation. The international community also joined in, with several countries and organizations offering assistance in any negotiations or rescue efforts.

The Guerilla group’s response to Diaz’s plea remains uncertain, but the global attention brought to the situation increases the pressure on them to reconsider their actions and seek a peaceful resolution.

The Broader Issue of Kidnapping in Colombia

Luis Diaz’s story is not an isolated incident; it sheds light on a broader issue of kidnapping in Colombia. The country has a long and painful history of kidnapping, with various armed groups and criminal organizations using this tactic to exert control, make political statements, or demand ransoms.

While Colombia has made significant progress in reducing kidnapping rates over the past two decades, the problem persists, and many families continue to suffer the anguish of having their loved ones abducted. The situation is complex, involving a range of actors with diverse motivations, and it poses a significant challenge for the Colombian government and international organizations dedicated to peace and security.

Luis Diaz’s plea serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing trauma faced by many families in Colombia and the urgent need for concerted efforts to address this issue comprehensively.

The Role of Athletes in Social Issues

Luis Diaz’s courageous act of speaking out about his father’s kidnapping highlights the growing trend of athletes using their platform to address social and political issues. Athletes are not just entertainers; they are public figures with substantial influence and reach, and they recognize their ability to effect change.

In recent years, we have seen athletes take a stand on a variety of issues, from racial injustice to environmental concerns and political activism. This trend underscores the growing recognition of athletes’ responsibilities beyond their respective sports. Colombian International Luis Diaz’s plea joins a growing list of impactful moments where athletes have used their platform to draw attention to important issues.


The story of Colombian International Luis Diaz’s is not just one of sporting success, but it is also a deeply personal and emotional journey. His plea for the release of his kidnapped father after scoring a crucial goal for Liverpool represents the intersection of sports, personal tragedy, and the power of social influence.

As the world watches and waits for a resolution to the Colombian International Luis Diaz’s family’s ordeal, one thing is certain: Luis Diaz’s courage and heartfelt plea have made a profound impact.


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